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Writing and Sipping Coffee

Every website needs to start somewhere. This being a site that is named after me, I suppose I should start by asking who I am and what I plan to do with it. But it may be more difficult to answer these questions than I’d like to admit. Our identity is often tied to our work. When you meet strangers at a social gathering, one of the first questions is: “What do you do?” What we do is important. So I’ll try to answer that question for you. Here goes…

I drink coffee. Yes, despite the fact that I have abandoned sugar, artificial sweeteners, and creamers, I still drink coffee. Black. It’s quite bitter, to be honest. And sometimes I wonder why I still drink it, why I haven’t abandoned coffee altogether. I don’t know. It’s hot. It’s available. It’s a habit.

I’m not sure that those are quite the best reasons to drink coffee. Rather, I should drink coffee because I like it. I know that it’s an adult thing to do, but it should also be an enjoyable one. Whatever I do should be enjoyable, ideally.

Something else I do is write. It’s a habit, too. But unlike coffee, I really enjoy it. Ok, that’s a white lie. I enjoy some writing immensely while I’m doing it. Other writing I enjoy only after I’ve completed it. You know the feeling you get when you look at your newly mown lawn and you sigh with a sense of pride and accomplishment? It’s kinda like that.

Sometimes writing is hard work. What I’m referring to are those assignments that require a lot of research. It would be easy to just write down something. But it takes quite a bit of effort to get it right. The best thing about this kind of writing is that I’m very good at it. I dare say that I can research and write on any subject. It’s part of being a clever, intelligent, and educated writer.

Any educated person should be able to write well. I believe that. I also believe that every educated person should be able to sing well. Unfortunately we are not all so well-rounded in our abilities. Don’t ask me about my math skills.

I’ve written a lot during my lifetime. Sometimes I’ll just sit in a cafe and write and write and write and write. I used to write a lot when I was a network engineer. There were ticket notes to write, and emails, and reports, and procedures. Lots of writing. And I finished my first novel on the last day of 2017. I keep brushing it up and I’m sure it will be published some day.

Writing is part of my identity. So is reading. And singing. And thinking. I could say a lot more about all those things, but it would be outside the scope of this little blog post.

It’s too late for coffee. And I think I’ve done enough reading and writing and singing and thinking for one day. I’ll just wait and see what coffee dreams await me tomorrow.

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